Bombshell Mindset

You are

What you think matters!

Rewiring your mindset is essential for a healthy body and lifestyle.  The only way to realize your greatest potential is to tap into the true power of your mind. Your thought patterns decide the direction your life will go.  Look at your life as it is today. Do you like what you see? Compare the areas of opportunity to the thoughts that dominate your conscious and sub conscious mind. Do they match up? You have all the power to change every aspect of your life. Always remember, Where thoughts go, energy flows. Here are some of my favorite mantras that help keep me focused on designing my greatest life.

I hope these help you too! 


Mantras for a Bombshell Mindset

Words to live by

1. If you were meant to be controlled you would have come with a remote.

2. The words that follow I AM is what will be. Choose your words wisely because they become your reality. 

3. Be nice to yourself, you are listening. If you wouldn't say it to a stranger then don't say it to yourself!

4. Focus on what you love about yourself. Fix what can be fixed and accept the rest. You were made as a one of a kind masterpiece. 

5. If you are breathing, you should be growing. It's never to late to learn something new. 

6. Change your thoughts if you want to change your life. Negative thoughts will never bring you a positive life. 

7. Start your day with gratitude. List 5 things every single day that you are grateful for. 

8. You already have all the tools inside of you to bring that dream you have to reality. It's in your heart for a reason. That dream is your purpose. 

9. LIVE FOR YOU. Be the person you are,not the person someone else told you to be. True happiness is living authentically. 

10. Life is meant to be lived with joy and passion. Stop living a slow, painful death. Read it again and let that sink in. This goes for love, health, relationships and career.


Bombshell Bonus: Tell that negative voice in your head to shut the fuck up!

Happiness is a choice!

and it starts with you.


Why I make Reiki Energy Healing a part of my regular health & wellness routine. 

It was 2018 when I finally got very serious about my health and weight loss journey. I was doing everything "right" eating clean, working out and resting. The problem was I felt like something was still holding me back. A block of some sort. I had heard about Reiki and the benefits of it, but didn't seek it out until I really got focused on my fitness goals. I knew there was baggage I was still holding onto from my past and the only way to release the rest of my body fat was to release that old emotional baggage. I just wasn't sure how. I did some more research on Reiki, and it seemed it would be worth a shot to clear the "blocks" I could feel inside of me.  I let my spirit guide me to the right Reiki master. That's when I found Darshna Patel at the Center of Light and Love in Decatur, Georgia. The minute I walked into Darsha Patels office I knew I was in the right place. My first session with her was unreal. I could feel a spiritual movement through my body that I had never experienced before. Emotions were released and messages were received that I was meant to hear. I left her office that day feeling lighter than ever, almost high on life. I felt joyful and free. Free from burdens I had been carrying around since childhood. After that first session I knew this would be a part of my regular self care routine. I like to go for a session when I start to feel out of balance. When I catch myself not being able to cancel out negative thought patterns or when old habits start to creep back into my life. These things are symptoms of negative energy. Energy that has attached to us throughout our daily life. We interact with so many different people who have different energy frequencies, not all of which serves are highest good. So, I find it's best to have regular Reiki sessions to stay in high vibration and balanced to handle daily life.

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